Jewellery School Techniques

B} Brush finish

Brushing is a process that cannot be classified as either polishing or buffing. It is a technique whereby a bristle or wire wheel brush is used to complete the appearanc…

G} Granulation

A process of fusing small, usually round balls or granules to another metal. When small granules are placed onto another metal and heated from room temperature to a tem…

Hammered silver ring with diamond flush set side

H} Hammered Finish

A Hammered finish is created by using various flat or slightly convex-faced highly-polished planishing hammers. Planishing is done by hammering a series of relativ…

M} Milligraining

Milligraining is used on the edge of a setting to create little rows of  tiny beads.This is created by using  the concave of a small steel wheel that is engraved with a ser…

O} Oxidizing

Oxidization, basically meaning the process of  ‘colouring’, is the term commonly used to describe what happens when a metal is dipped in a chemical. The…

P} Pave set

A technique used to set round stones as closely together as possible by  raising small ‘spurs’ of metal. A minimum of 3 spurs are raised from the metal surf…

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